Uber Customer Service: Contact Guide

Uber prides itself on excellent customer service.  If you find yourself in need of help from them, there are a number of ways to contact them in order to rectify the situation.  Regardless of how you might decide to contact them, they are very prompt in getting your problem resolved.


Uber Phone Number 1-866-576-1039

The quickest and most convenient way to get ahold of Uber is to just pick up a phone and give them a call through their toll free customer service phone number.

You may receive a call from the on the number 1-866-576-1039.  If you miss that call and try to get back with them on that number, all you are going to get is a message asking you to get in touch with them on the web.  You’ll need to get in touch with them on one of the customer service numbers listed in the next section.

1 (866)-576-1039 is not a good number to call them back on.  It’ll just send you to help.uber.com.


Contact Uber Toll Free at 1 (800)-353-UBER

This is a number that can get you to a human, but they really want to implore you that it should really be an emergency situation only.  Otherwise Uber really wants you to use the help.uber.com site.

1 (800)-353-UBER -or- 1 (800)-353-8237


Contact Uber Custom Support

The easiest (and preferred) way to get in touch with Uber is to head over to:


From the Uber help page either they’ll be able to help you if you are having problems, or the information that you will need to solve your own problem will be presented to you.  Clearly the point of the page is to screen any answerable question before it turns into a human interaction when possible.  From the Uber help and contact page you can get answers to problems, such as:

  • Common issues with the app
  • Getting online
  • Updating payment information
  • Signing in to the app
  • Navigating to a rider
  • Legal


Twitter and Facebook

Another great way to get in touch with Uber is through Social Media.  They have a very active presence on Twitter.  They are at:


phone 1 866 576 1039

Contacting Uber on Twitter can be faster than the phone.

Even if you aren’t on twitter, you can still head over there and see if anyone has reported any issues that may be of a concern to you.  They are really active on there.

They also have a Facebook profile.  They are at:



Driver Support

There’s a specific way to get to Uber driver support.  Just hit the link below.

Uber Driver Support


Lost Something in Uber

There is a specific way to contact Uber if you lost something.  It’s done online.  You fill out the