Uber Car Requirements for 2018

It is not very hard to get started with Uber.  If you are thinking about going for it, it’s a good idea to know the Uber car requirements for the different services that they provide.

If you were wondering about the requirements to drive for any one Uber service, please use the navigation below to go directly there.  Otherwise, feel free to browser them and see if your current vehicle qualifies for one or more of the Uber services.

If you have a higher end car, or SUV, it would be better to sign up for UberBlack or UberSuv.  You can still pick up UberX riders.  This’ll give you an opportunity to make even more money when there are no convenient higher end fares to pick up.  Of course there are more requirements to drive for those services, so keep that in mind.



Basic Car Requirements for Uber

Common Sense Rules Before you get Started

Uber Driver Requirements

Specific Requirements for Different Uber Types






Final Thoughts

Basic Car Requirements for Uber

Regardless of the type of service you may wish to drive for, there are a few general rules that apply to all the Uber services.

  • The car is going to have to be relatively new.  Uber may allow a car from 2003 in one city and reject a car made in 2008 in another.  It all comes down to how badly they need drivers in that particular market.  If Uber has recently rolled out into your neck of the woods,  you can certainly find the exact rules for your city on their website.
  • The official rule for Uber is no two door cars, although there have been some people who have snuck one by.
  • Manual or automatic transmissions are just fine with Uber.
  • Uber requires the car you use to not be marked as a Taxi.
  • Crown Victorias are not allowed.
  • No vehicles with a salvage title.
  • You can’t drive for Uber with a full size van.  Think Ford Econoline, Chevy Express, Ford Transit Connect.
  • Your vehicle must be able to pass the Uber inspection.


Common Sense

You’re going to want to be really nice to your car if you are going to use it to drive for Uber.  You want it looking it’s best, and you want it to feel pleasant to your rider.  You also need to really keep up on the maintenance as well.  You’ll be racking up the mileage and any maintenance cost is going to affect your bottom line.

So make sure to:

  • Check the tire pressure often.
  • Make sure that the oil and transmission fluid are topped off and changed as needed.
  • Keep the interior clean and vacuumed.
  • Wash it as soon as it begins to look dirty.

While the items above may be  common sense to most folks, it still is worth mentioning.


Uber Driver Requirements

There aren’t that many restrictions that would keep you from being able to drive for Uber.  You certainly can’t have a DUI and drive for them.  That’s an automatic background check failure.

  • Driver must pass a background check.
  • Three years of driving experience is required.
  • You can’t drive for Uber with a full size van.  Think Ford Econoline, Chevy Express, Ford Transit Connect.
  • You must have a good driving record.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age, or even 23 depending on the city in which you plan to drive.

UberBlack Car Requirements

UberBlack Car Requirements

A lot of people are interested in driving for UberBlack.  The UberBlack car requirements are way more stringent than UberX, which is what most novice Uber drivers do.

UberBlack is a meant to feel like a high end luxury experience.  The fares reflect that as well.  You would be expected to carry yourself in a fashion that reflects that high end experience as well.

  • Must be a modern, high end sedan.
  • The sedan has to literally be black.
  • At least 2010 or newer.  Check your local market for exact details.
  • Must seat four or more passengers.
  • You are required to carry commercial vehicle registration and insurance.
  • If applicable, you are required to get an airport permit.

Typical cars that would be used for UberBlack include the Audi A6, Audi A7, 5 Series BMW, and Mercedes E-Class.

UberX Car Requirements

UberX Vehicle Requirements

If your vehicle will qualify for at least one service, it’s going to be UberX.  UberX is the entry level Uber ride sharing platform.  It’s also the most popular.  That’s because it offers the most affordable rides.  The idea with this service is that it provides everyday cars driven by normal people that will still be more pleasant and affordable than a taxi ride.

  • The maximum age of the car varies wildly from market to market for UberX.
  • In some markets there is a 100k mile restriction.  So if your car has more than that on the odometer, you’re out of luck.
  • Your car needs to sit at least four passengers.
  • Unlike UberBlack, you car can be any color.

There’s almost no restriction on the type of car that you can drive with UberX.  Make sure it has four doors and meets the age restriction in your neck of the woods.


UberXL Vehicle Requirements

UberXL car requirements

UberXL is the affordable ride share service that can seat up to six people.  So, if you have a six seat vehicle, you can earn more money than driving for the standard UberX.  Here is a complete writeup on the differences between UberX vs UberXL.  And here are the vehicle requirements for UberXL:

  • The vehicle has to seat a minimum of seven passengers when including the driver.
  • It must be a minimum model year of 2000.  Although the vehicle age restrictions can be a lot more aggressive in some markets.

Vehicles that make the cut for UberXL are Honda Pilot, GMC Acadia, Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, Honda Pilot, Dodge Caravan, Chevy Tahoe, and Chevy Suburban.

Really the main restriction here is that the vehicle carry six passengers.  Any vehicle good enough for UberSUV can run UberXL, but not vice versa.


UberSUV Car Requirements

Uber SUV Vehicle Requirements

UberSUV is a lot like Uber Black, except you can carry more passengers.  You are still required to get the airport permit, commercial vehicle registration, and insurance.

  • Must be a modern, high end SUV.
  • At least 2010 or newer.  Check your local market for exact details.
  • Must seat six or more passengers.
  • You are required to carry commercial vehicle registration and insurance.
  • If applicable, you are required to get an airport permit.

Most of the common vehicle that the UberSUV are going to be the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Toyota Land Cruiser, Chevrolet Suburban.


Uber Lux Car Requirements

As of right now, the UberLux service has only been rolled out to the Los Angeles market.  It’s mission is to connect affluent customers with the world’s most prestigious vehicles.

  • Must be in the LA area.
  • Car must be a 2010 model or newer.
  • You are required to carry commercial insurance on the vehicle.

The vehicles that qualify for this service are extremely high end.  Example include Range Rover, Tesla Model S, Porch Panamera.


Final Thoughts

If you are interested in driving for Uber, there’s probably a service that your scar qualifies for.  It’s free to try and the extra income potential is certainly there.