Drive For Uber in Belleville IL

Belleville Il is a satellite suburb of St. Louis, MO.  As such, it conforms to all of the rules for driving for Uber in St.Louis.  Uber has been open to drivers in the Metro East since 2015.  If you are wondering if you can make money driving in Belleville itself, without having to wander out to Edwardsville or even Saint Louis itself, you’ll be fine.  There aren’t as many people looking to take an Uber out here as in the city, but there also isn’t nearly as much competition with other drivers.  The only downside is you rarely drop someone off  within a quick drive of your new location.  If you ever played Crazy Taxi as a kid, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  As soon as you drop off your fare, you need to pick another one up or you’ll run out of time.  It’s the same principal.

Uber allows service to the entire Metro East including Alton, Belleville, Collinsville, and East St. Louis.  There aren’t nearly as many fares on this side of the river, but it is certainly possible to catch someone heading to a Cardinals game in the summer, or Blues game in the winter.

Uber Jobs Belleville IL

Finding Fares in Belleville IL

Belleville has a lot going for it.  The Belleville art fair is always a great place to pick up fares.  Although it is a once a year sort of thing.  There is and can be a lot of action down around Main Street.  It’s a good home base when out there.  SIUE also has a lot of students that take Uber rides, so if you are close to there, be on the lookout.

For what it’s worth though, you’ll almost certainly have better luck heading out to St. Louis and working there.  St. Louis has a much higher amount of users per square mile.  What does that mean for you?  That means that when you drop someone off, you’ll be a lot closer to your next rider.  This gives you the opportunity to carry more passengers, which means you’ll end the night with more money in your pocket (figuratively).


Is driving for Uber in Belleville right for you?

While there are many downsides to driving for Uber, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.  The Metro East has plenty of people to take, and there is plenty of money to be made.  Make sure that you are pleasant and courteous to all riders and keep that rating up!