Can You Drive For Uber with a DUI or DWI?

It is a tough thing having a DUI hanging over your head.  Maybe it happened a long time ago, maybe you’ve been sober for years.  It doesn’t matter to society.  A DUI or DWI might as well be a scarlett letter.  So can you drive for Uber with a DUI/DWI?  The short answer is no.  But, there are some thing that might be worth checking before you forgo applying.

Can You Drive For Uber with a DUI?

Is the DUI still on your record?

It very much depends on what State you’re in.  Some states keep these records for only ten years.  Some state, on the other hand, will keep records of these things for life.  Most States are somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.   It pays to check.  The best way to do this is to request a copy of your driving record directly from your state.  You’ll usually be out less than $20 bucks for this.

Alternatively, you could always just go ahead and sign up to drive for Uber.  If you it’s still on your record, they’ll find it.  The background check is pretty straight forward, just head in over to and sign up to drive.  It usually takes about a week to


What If Uber finds the DUI on your record?

If they find the DUI on your record, you’re toast.  The one exception to this is the state of California.  In California you can drive for Uber if it’s been more than 10 years since your DUI.


Were you actually convicted of the DUI?

Any sort of conviction will count against you when it comes to driving for Uber or Lyft.  Did you fight it?  If you were acquitted they should let you in since it won’t appear on your record.

If your case was thrown out it’s kind of in a gray area.  You were never found guilty, but you were also never found innocent either.  Uber may very well block you from driving for them based on this, but you should certainly explain to them the circumstances around the DUI, and explain that you were not guilty.


What if you have pending DUI charges?

Whether you want to drive for Uber or not, it’s worth the effort to fight them.  Most of the time, there’s a lot more than being able to drive for Uber on the line.  Your ability to drive at all may be taken or limited depending on the State where you’re DUI took place..

Although you don’t yet have a DUI on your record, which means that you have a realistic shot at passing the Uber background check, they’ll eventually catch on.  They run their background check once a year as standard protocol.  So if you apply now, don’t be surprised if they take your driving privileges away at a later time.


Would getting your DUI expunged help you drive for Uber?

Getting your DUI expunged is always a great idea when it comes to looking for most jobs.  Here’s how that works:  You pay a lawyer to have the DUI removed from your criminal record.  Pretty cool right?  Absolutely it’s pretty cool.  This will help you get a ton of jobs that you probably wouldn’t have been able to get.

But…  Uber looks at your driving record too, and the DUI doesn’t leave there.  So, it might help you get a job at Uber, but it’s no guarantee.


Where does Uber look for your DUI?

Uber looks for at a variety of places to determine your employment eligibility.  They are incredibly thorough.  They use a company called These include:

  • Social Security Administration Trace
  • Multi-State Crime Databases
  • Federal Records
  • County Records From Everywhere you’ve Lived in the Last Seven Years



We all make mistakes.  Good luck finding a job with your DUI, and thanks for reading.