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Uber Inspection Location Bedford Park IL

In order to drive for Uber in Bedford Park Illinois, you’ll need to have it inspected at an official Uber vehicle inspection location (these are called Greenlight Hubs), or take it to a private mechanic. Where you get your Uber inspection is going to depend on whether one of these hubs is operating in your region.

There’s NO FEE to get your car inspected at a Greenlight Hub, although you do need to sign up before you go. It’s pretty quick. Below you’ll find directions to the Uber inspection center and everything that is on the Uber Inspection form for Bedford Park.


Uber Greenlight Hub Inspection Locations in Bedford Park, IL

There are two ways to get your vehicle inspected by Uber. If there is one in your market, you’ll have to visit one of their “Greenlight Hub” locations and have them inspect the vehicle itself. Let’s see if there is one for Bedford Park.


How to Find a Greenlight Hub in Bedford Park

Uber Greenlight Location Bedford Park Illinois
If you click on the map, it should tell you if there is a greenlight hub in your area


You can also search Uber for a Greenlight Hub. Follow this link (directly to Uber, not an affiliate link). Enter in some info, and it’ll tell you if there is a Greenlight Hub open in or around Bedford Park. They’ll also give you the location of the hub when you sign up.


What if There Isn’t a Greenlight Hub?

If there isn’t a Greenlight Hub around Bedford Park, you’ll get a link to an inspection form that you can bring to a certified mechanic of your choice. The mechanic will sign off on the form. As of 2020, this form needs to be filled out within 45 days of signing up, which means it is not a barrier to getting started today.

There are a lot of these forms floating around online, but you should make sure to get the one from Uber. If they change something, you don’t want to be rejected due to an out of date form.


Uber Inspection Form Bedford Park IL

The Greenlight inspector will look over the vehicle to ensure that it’s in good working order. One thing to keep in mind is that while it’s not as thorough as a Illinois State inspection, they are also checking to make sure that the car is up to Uber’s appearance standards as well. So, it certainly will help things along if you bring the car in clean and ready to go.

The inspector will have you pull the car in and check the safety belts, honk the horn, check the brake lights and more. Here are all the items that are on their inspection checklist.

Lighting System

Uber Inspection Bedford Park

In order to pass the Uber inspection, they need to verify that the following lights are functioning properly:

  • Headlights
  • Tail Lights
  • Turn Signal Lights
  • Brake Lights

If your vehicle is equipped with fog lights from the factory, they don’t need to be working. Make sure to walk around the vehicle and check to see if all of these lights are working before you take your vehicle to be inspected. This is the most common reason for a vehicle to not pass.

Braking System

Uber Brake Inspection

Most state inspections require that one wheel be removed and the brakes be inspected that way. If one passes, then they all pass. The Uber Inspection form requires that all 4 brakes be examined.

They are looking to see that the brake system passes the minimum requirements for each wheel. Here is an example of how it looks on the Uber Inspection form:

Uber Inspection Form Bedford Park IL

They also check that the parking/emergency brake is functional. Before you go in for the inspection, park on a hill and check to see if your emergency brake will hold the vehicle. If it doesn’t, you will need to have it serviced before you take it in.


Uber Inspection Tire Requirements Bedford Park

The minimum tread depth for the vehicle’s tires to pass the Uber Inspection are 32nd’s/in. That’s very generous. As long as your tires aren’t bald, it should pass.

Steering System

Uber Greenlight Bedford Park

The mechanic will check the steering system to make sure that it’s operating properly. They check the following items:

  • Ball Joints
  • Tie Rods
  • Rack & Pinion
  • Bushings

The model year requirement to drive for Uber in Bedford Park takes care of this one for the most part. If your vehicle goes down the highway straight and doesn’t have an excessive amount of steering play, you’ll be fine.


Uber Inspection Windshield Requirements Bedford Park Illinois

Uber likes to make sure that the vehicle doesn’t have broken glass. This is for both safety and aesthetic reasons. They check all the glass for cracks:

  • Windshield– Large Crack
  • Windshield– Small Crack
  • Rear Window
  • Other Glass


Uber Inspection Bedford Park IL

Uber will look over your vehicle’s interior to make sure that it meets their quality and cleanliness standards. So make sure that it is wiped down and vacuumed out. You don’t want to give them a reason to tell you to clean it up and come back.

You’ll want to keep your car tidy anyway. You can be the nicest Uber driver in the world, but if your car is messy, that’s all your riders are going to see.

Here are some items that they’ll be checking on the inside of your vehicle:

  • Windshield Wipers– Are they functional?
  • Front Seat Adjustment– Do the sliders work?
  • Doors– Do they open, close, and lock? (All of them. Trunk too)
  • Speedometer– Is it functioning properly
  • Mirrors– Are they free of cracks, and work properly?
  • Horn– Is it the factory horn, and still working?
  • Safety Belts– Are they present for passengers and the driver?

Bumpers and Exhaust

The inspector will make sure that the vehicle has bumpers that are intact, without visible damage. He/She will also make sure that the exhaust system is free from leaks and functioning properly. You can usually hear an exhaust leak.


What if Your Car Fails the Inspection?

Most of the time it’ll be for a light being out or tires that are too bald. They’ll let you come back as soon as you fix the problem. Remember, they are always looking for drivers. They want you and the riders safe.


Uber Inspection Cost

There is no fee to take your vehicle to the Greenlight Hub. A private mechanic can charge you whatever they want. A good price to pay for an Uber inspection would be less than $30.



Good luck driving for Uber. If there is anything that you can add to help the next person in Bedford Park, please leave a comment below. Stay safe!

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